Johnny Cashew has a crystal-clear mission: that all cashews are processed in their country of origin and not needlessly transported halfway around the world.

This saves emissions, waste, and is good for the local economy. Onwards to zero CO2, zero waste, and zero poverty!

Johnny's voyage

Zero CO2

Of all the African cashews we eat in Europe, 95 percent are first peeled entirely in Asia. That’s a detour of 12,000 polluting kilometers! Completely unnecessary. Our nuts are locally peeled and shipped directly here.

Zero waste

Cashews that break during peeling are rejected without mercy. What a waste! We buy the entire harvest, so our bags also contain broken nuts. And trust us, they’re just as delicious!

Zero poverty

Peeling in Asia means fewer jobs in a country like Tanzania. And farmers get a low price for their nuts. That needs to change. Together with local parties, we’re working on a fairer chain and a stable future for cashew farmers, processors, and their families.

Our products

Contact the Johnnies

    Also interested in our cashew nuts, for the shelves of your store or on the (drinks) menu? We would like to get in touch with you to crack a nut together and tell you all about Johnny's colorful bags and g000d cans. Join our cashew revolution! Call us at (+31) 085-4012408 or send an email to